We provide dinner and drinks – you just bring your appetite! If you don’t drink wine, that’s fine; we also offer beer, non-alcoholic beverages, and sometimes even specialty cocktails. Our clients enjoy the social aspect of these events as many of them are now good friends. Several of our clients have even gone on cruises together!

What’s To look Forward To

Educational Seminar

20-30 minute presentation that educates and informs our clients on current financial matters;

Bring A Friend

We offer our clients the opportunity to bring guests that could benefit from our unique, personalized planning.

Great Wine & Food

Our event locations are known for their selection of great food and wines. What more could you asked for?

Something Fun

You never know what’s in store at our Wine & Wisdom events. 

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Financial Education & Fun

Jim Musgravel began hosting these events when Jim noticed we would invite prospective clients to an informational seminar, buy them a nice dinner, they would come in for a couple appointments, become a client and then we never gave them a nice meal again. At Research Financial Strategies, we consider our clients family and that means treating them like family! Beyond providing dinner (and drinks!), our Wine & Wisdoms give us the opportunity to spend some quality time with our clients, meet their guests, and socialize outside of the office. We look forward to each and every one of them!

You can’t have a Wine & Wisdom without the wisdom!  Jim Musgrave gives a 20-30 minute presentation that educates and informs our clients on current financial matters; building their confidence in our planning. This also gives prospective clients another chance to hear Jim’s  philosophies, viewpoints, etc.
Some past topics include: Tax Planning, Mortgages in Retirement, and Long Term Care Insurance. Every year Jim also presents a Semi-Annual and Annual State of the Economy address.

Popular Financial Topics

Social Security Maximization

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Long Term Care

People are living longer than ever. But 70% of those over 65 will need long term care at some point.  Health insurance won’t pay for it. Medicare and Medicaid may only provide limited coverage. Long term care insurance can provide you the coverage you need to live your life on your terms, where you want.

IRA & 401K Rollovers

There is a right way to roll over your funds from a 401K and a wrong way. Do it incorrectly and you are at risk of owing up to a third of your balance to the IRS in penalties. 

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