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The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is available to all U.S. government employees and is one of the most efficient and easy to understand retirement plans in use today. But while thousands of civilian and military employees defer a portion of their earnings into the plan each year, many participants do not understand the actual fund options available or are unsure which funds are appropriate for them.

The Thrift Savings Plan offers participants the options of income, capital preservation and growth. The annual investment expenses in TSP are among the lowest in the financial industry, and all of the funds are fully transparent. 

“According to a Moss Adams research study, 81% of investors surveyed said they want financial advice on more than just investments.”


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Retirement Planning

These are five areas you must address to maximize retirement.

  • Determine whether you are on track to retire.
  • Determine when to file for social security.
  • Withdrawal strategies in retirement.
  • Determine how to manage risks.
  • How to minimize taxes in retirement.


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Annual Reviews

As your finances and tax law change, updates are needed.

Your finances change over time and should be reviewed periodically. We schedule annual reviews with our clients to answer any questions, review investments and insurance, discuss tax law changes and identify any potential opportunity costs.


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