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One of the most important decisions you will make before retiring is when and how to claim Social Security benefits. The majority of retirees apply for benefits as soon as they become eligible at age 62. For many however, they do so without realizing they are significantly and permanently reducing the benefit amounts they and their spouse will have the opportunity to receive throughout their lifetime.

With hundreds of filing options and nearly 3,000 filing rules, Social Security is one of the most complex and confusing retirement income sources you have. In fact, according to Market Watch article in May of 2015, three out of four Americans leave thousands of dollars in Social Security benefits on the table because of uninformed Social Security filing decisions.

CBS News went as far as to say, “Married couples seeking to maximize their Social Security income will need to pull of an intricate Foxtrot through a thicket of bewildering rules!”

To learn more about how to maximize your social security, watch our Making the most of social security webinar.

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We give frequent social security workshops. This video is 1 of 10 segments that make up our Social Security Optimization MasterClass. 

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Retirement Planning

These are five areas you must address to maximize retirement.

  • Determine whether you are on track to retire.
  • Determine when to file for social security.
  • Withdrawal strategies in retirement.
  • Determine how to manage risks.
  • How to minimize taxes in retirement.


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