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The Portfolio 2nd Opinion

A financial plan doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With The Portfolio 2nd Opinion, it isn’t!

What Does A Financial Plan Cost?

For this one-time engagement, you pay a fixed, one-time fee: $300. Returning clients are billed $150 an hour. That’s it.

There are no ongoing fees. No monthly or annual subscription commitments. No assets under management (AUM) billing. No commissions. Just a single, fixed transparent fee for easy-to-understand advice.

What Do I Get for My Money?

The Portfolio 2nd Opinion shows you – in plain English – what simple steps you can do to improve your finances.

How Long Does It Take?

In a single day, we can complete the entire process.

How Does this Process Work?

The Portfolio 2nd Opinion uses a simple three-step process.


During this short call, I will answer any questions you have – and review the three-step process for the Portfolio 2nd Opinion. If we decide we should work together, you then schedule Step 2., the phone consultation.


During our call, we will discuss where you are today, and where you want to be. We’ll review the areas of retirement saving, tax planning, asset allocation, asset location, investments, retirement distributions, estate planning, insurance, and more.


Following our call, you receive the Portfolio 2nd Opinion. This simple document outlines everything you can do to improve your finances.

Is the Portfolio 2nd Opinion a Comprehensive Financial Plan of a Client’s Overall Position or a Portfolio Analysis?

 I spend roughly the first 1.5 hours of each 2-hour call looking at the client’s life broadly: budgeting, emergency fund, insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning, and liabilities. Once we’ve covered that, we then wrap up with investments. 

How Do You Analyze a Client’s Plan in Two Hours? Do you Do an Analysis Before the Call?

I review client uploads before each call. Depending upon the volume of the uploads, I can spend up to two hours on pre-call prep. Including a pre-call review, the call, and the write-up afterward, I can spend up to eight hours on a client engagement. Though, it’s usually less. I tend to average around six hours per engagement – but time spent varies with complexity.

I document takeaways in the write-up (following the call) that clients can read at their leisure.

Do You Look at a Client’s Insurance Coverages for Gaps?

On the call, we look at life, disability, umbrella insurance gaps, and – if appropriate – long-term care insurance. In the write-up, I cover auto and homeowner’s insurance.

Do You Look at Tax-Savings Strategies?

We will discuss tax-loss harvesting, tax-advantaged investments accounts (HSA, IRA, 401(K) and 529), and asset location. If appropriate, we cover early-retirement strategies, investment liquidations, tax-efficient giving, tax-efficient distributions, and Roth conversions.

Is the Portfolio 2nd Opinion Right for Me?

The Portfolio 2nd Opinion works best for self-motivated people who don’t need ongoing help from a financial advisor. People who can self-manage their investments and check the boxes of their financial “To-Do’s” themselves can save money with this easy, and quick financial review.

My Partner Needs More Hand-holding, and They Wouldn’t Be Able to Manage Our Family’s Investment without Me. Can You Assist my Partner If Something Happens to Me? Are the Investment Managers You Suggest Vetted?

For those investors looking for investment management, we suggest a gentleman who was Rick Ferri’s lead portfolio manager for over ten years when Rick was the owner of an investment company. If that’s the case, this manager then implements the investment plan we provide in the write-up, conferring with us as needed.

What Does Your Financial Plan Look Like? Can I See a Sample Financial Plan?

Download a sample financial plan for a do-it-yourself investor.

How Do I Get Started?

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